The Executive summery for rootybranch west is a work in progress.


Blues and Business

If you are humming a blues tune in your head while you go about the respective task, you might not accomplish the task but you will enjoy the effort. Blues music is good at keeping the blues away too.

Service Commitment

The total satisfaction of the client, though sometimes elusive, is the ultimate objective of my efforts at providing management services.  If the client is not served to their satisfaction, I am obliged to immediately adjust the provision of my services to afford them complete  satisfaction commensurate within their expectations and my abilities as a Full Service Manager. 

David Boone

I am highly skilled in construction management and general project management. I have managed projects and project management offices in most areas of the United States.

 This web log will serve as a means to serve my respective customer base. The dissimilation of information in and of itself can be of limited value without proper filters to produce knowledge  that will allow clients to form reasonable expectations and to make informed decisions. 

The objective of this “blog” is to promote my expertise and ability.